An Open Letter to The Ones Who Feel Like Giving Up

feel like giving up

Everyone will face obstacles and failures in life.


The question is, should you give up or try harder when you feel like giving up?


While most people will always tell you to never give up, I beg to differ, giving up on the right things can be beneficial for you in the long run as you are able to focus your time and energy on the projects that matter most to you.


For example, let’s say you are an accountant now, but you love to train in the gym and being a personal trainer to help people to succeed in their fitness goals is your ideal profession. With this scenario in mind, should you give up being an accountant? Or should you stick to the theory of “never give up” and continue pushing through to succeed as an accountant?


The decision to give up will always remain a gray area, and sometimes there is really no right or wrong.


In this article, we will look at the 6 things to consider before you make the decision on whether to continue in the same direction or pivot to a different path. Before you throw in the towel, consider these 6 things and give yourself ample time to think it through before making the ultimate decision.


Top 6 Things to Consider When You Feel Like Giving Up


#1 – What Made You Start at The First Place?


Recall back to the starting point of your journey, what was the main factor that caused you to take action and start at the first place?


Is it your own vision? Your parent’s decision? Or other factors?


Let’s go back to the accountant vs personal trainer example above. If it’s your vision to become a top accountant and you are currently facing difficulties, keep going as those obstacles will help you to improve and become a better accountant.


However, if your parents are the one who encouraged you to be an accountant at the first place, but you have always wanted to be a personal trainer since day one, you might want to consider giving up being an accountant and pursue your dream. The fact is, even if you push through all the difficulties, you will only get more tired and worn out as the days and years go by.


The decision to start has to come from you. And your vision and purpose should still be the same.



#2 – Do You Love What You Are Doing?


If you love what you are doing now and feel connected to the purpose, keep going and be patient.


Doing what you love will eventually result in mastery as you will willingly put in more hours and go the extra mile to do things others won’t. In a world where people are always chasing and jumping to the next “big thing”, you have the opportunity to stand out by choosing to focus on honing your craft, achieve mastery and succeed by doing what you love.


Believe in yourself and let your passion save you in the darkest moment when you feel like giving up.



#3 – Is It Ethical or Legal?


Are you doing something illegal? If it’s illegal, cut it out now and give up, don’t risk your future and your life for short term benefits.


Also, cut out the not ethical but legal doings. What do I mean by that? For example, things like MLM will affect relationships with your friends or family as the way you earn is by asking them to join the pyramid and put in money into certain packages. They would then have to ask their friends and family to join and put in more money. The shit will eventually hit the fan. If you are doing shady things like this, please give up now and take it as a lesson learned.


Always stick to the honest way of making money. It may not be the quickest, but you will not tarnish your reputation. Don’t leave a legacy of being a scammer.



#4 – Are You Doing It Just For The Money?

If you are only doing it for the money, it’s time to find an alternative.


Don’t waste your time on earth. Some say that time equals to money, but time is actually more valuable than money. You can always earn back the $1,000 you spent, but you can never get back your 1,000 hours spent.


So while money is important in life, you can’t just be doing it for the money. Time is limited, spend it wisely and consider other elements such as:


  • Work satisfaction. Do you feel satisfied after spending hours putting in the work? Do you feel fulfilled by the end of the day?


  • Family time. I am a big advocate of family time, if what you are doing does not enable you to spend time with your family (e.g working from morning to midnight), it does not matter how much money you earn, you are foolish to sacrifice family time for money.


  • Value. Does your work provide value to the world? Do people say Thank you or F*ck you?



#5 – Are You Currently Facing a Burnout or Emotional Breakdown?


Another thing to consider is you might be facing a burnout as things are becoming overwhelming, or you could be facing emotional breakdown after a breakup or the passing away of a family member.


All of these can cause you to feel like giving up now.


There are 3 ways to resolve this.


The first step is to go to Airbnb now and book a place for a short trip to unwind. This trip could range from 3 to 7 days, depending on your preference and location. After the trip, you would feel recharged and ready to go again. Sometimes all we need is a short break to relax and think things through.


The second step is to let go of certain tasks and outsource to others. One of the keys to success lies in focusing on your strengths. Don’t take on too many tasks, we only have 24 hours a day. Outsource and delegate some tasks which do not require your main skill, this will free you up with the time to focus on the big picture. Head on to Fiverr or Upwork to find affordable freelancers.


The third step is to talk to someone who trusts in you and your vision. You will feel much lighter after letting it out.


Try the three ways and see how it goes, don’t act in the moment of anger, sadness or frustration and regret once the storm has passed.



#6 – Years from now…


Close your eyes and picture yourself 5 years ahead, what will your life be like? Will you regret giving up now?


If you are likely to regret giving up, push through this period and make the future you proud. Don’t ever quit because you are scared of what others think of you now or you are afraid that you can never overcome those obstacles. Be stubborn, keep going, and you will find a way.


However, if you won’t regret giving up now, analyze why is it so? Do you have a different vision of yourself 5 years later? What is it?



The Table of Judgement


Here are the compilations of the 6 things to consider when you feel like giving up:


6 Things to Consider Never Give Up Give Up

What made you start at the first place? Do you still believe in the purpose?


Yes. Keep going. No. Follow a new path that you truly believe in.
Do you love what you are doing? Yes. Keep going. No. Find something you love and commit your time and energy into it.

Is it ethical or legal?


Yes. Great! No. Do something else.

Are you doing it just for the money?


No. Yes. Do something else.
Are you currently facing burnout or emotional breakdown? Yes. Take a break, recover, and go again. No. Find something you love and commit your time and energy into it.

Years from now, will you regret giving up?


Yes. Keep going. No. Follow a new path that you truly believe in.



The Verdict


If 5-6 of your answers are in the “never give up” column, then you should keep going.


If you answered 4 out of 6, it’s a judgement call for you to make.


If you answered 1-3 out of 6, it’s best to search for a new path, or perhaps you already know what that new path is, and all you need is a leap of faith. I say go for it!



If You Have Chosen to Keep Going After All the Considerations……..


If this is your decision, below are 4 steps to help you overcome the challenges and continue to stay in the game for a long time.


#1 – Let Go and Let’s Go


Learn from the past failures, forgive yourself, and go again. Treat failure as part of the journey to success. When you fail, you learn so much more than just progressing smoothly.


Apply the lessons learned along the journey, move forward and believe that there will be a rainbow after the rain. Keep swimming!



#2 – The Compounding Effects of Success


Every success stories have their own dark and lonely chapters. Just look at the story of Jack Ma, he got rejected by over 30 jobs after graduating. And years later, the company he started, Alibaba was loss making for the first 3 years, before slowly improving and went on to become the biggest IPO in the United States 15 years later.


Another example is for people interested in building a YouTube channel, at first no one will listen to you, and getting from 0 subscribers to 100k subscribers is much more difficult than going from 100k subscribers to 200k. That is just the way it works in life, everything is hard before it becomes easier.


Put in the work, be consistent, and you will enjoy the compounding effects of success in the years to come.



#3 – Have a break before starting the engine again


We are all humans and not robots, and sometimes we have to take one step backward before moving two steps forward.


There are few ways to do this.


  • Go for a short vacation


  • Rest at home for few days


  • Have road trips with your friends


  • Your own unique method of relaxation. You know yourself best.


Do this every 3-5 months to avoid burnout and this will help you to stay in the game longer and persist until you reach your goals.



#4 – Set Short Term Goal and Have someone accountable to your goal


Set 30 days or 90 days challenge to accomplish a short-term goal that will complement your long-term goal.


Have a close friend that can hold you accountable for the goal. The pressure of having someone that can hold you responsible for your words will spur you to take action and work harder.


If you need me to keep you accountable, hit me up here. Tell me your long-term goal and what is your 30 or 90 days challenge. I will put it in my calendar and hold you accountable for it!




If you are at a crossroad now, and you can’t decide whether to give up or continue grinding, consider the 6 things we talk about earlier, here’s the recap:


1. What made you start at the first place?

2. Do you love what you are doing?

3. Is it ethical or legal?

4. Are you doing it just for the money?

5. Are you currently facing a burnout or emotional breakdown?

6. Will you regret giving up years from now?


Whether you choose to give up or not, it’s really your decision and you have to be responsible for it. Giving up on the right things will free you up with the energy to carve out a path you love, on the other hand, giving up on something you always believe in will only result in regrets and pain years later.


This is your one life to live. Choose wisely!


Over to you

Let me know in the comments below the story of your journey and obstacles you have faced. Are you going to stick to your current goal or are you searching for a new path?

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